A roof coating is one large piece of roofing “membrane” that sticks completely to a roof. Coatings often act as seals to protect the original roof. They can be installed quickly and easily, and are also easy to remove, making them cost-effective and simple ways to extend the life of your roof.

Why You Need To Consider Roof Coatings

They save you money.

Roof replacements are incredibly expensive. A roof coating is an excellent alternative to roof replacements, usually coming in at under half as much as the cost of a replacement. Coatings also include warranties a lot of the time, which can protect you from having to spend even more on your roof in the future. They also reflect heat, saving you on energy to cool your building. Finally, coatings can be written off on your taxes — completely. They’re an expense and eligible for a write-off.

They are eco-friendly.

Roof coatings are environmentally friendly. Instead of ripping off an entire roof and throwing away all that material, you can simply install a roof coating and save that waste from ending up in a landfill. Additionally, when the roof coating needs recoating, they don’t need to be torn off either. Finally, since roof coatings reflect heat, you not only save money but also energy on cooling your building.

They last longer.

Unlike many roofs, roof coatings have no seams. Seams are often where repairs have to be made, since this is where failures occur in a majority of roofs. Since repairs don’t have to be made as often for roof coatings as for a normal roof, these roofs tend to last longer and require less maintenance. Roof coatings have also improved at a far faster rate than roofs themselves, making them more advanced and durable.

The Roof Coating Experts Can Help

At Yoder’s Roofing, we specialize in more than just regular roofs. We are fully able to install roof coatings as well as repair and maintain your roof. We have worked with hundreds of businesses and have plenty of experience installing roof coatings, saving our customers in energy, time, and replacements.