The cost of a roof replacement is high. Instead of letting your roof fall apart, take these 3 easy steps to lengthen the life of your roof.

How To Make Your Roof Last Longer

Getting a good roof to begin with

If your roof is no good from the start, then it will never last longer than a decade or two before needing a serious overhaul, or giving out on you completely and forcing you into replacing it.

Choosing the right materials for your property’s roof will make a huge difference in the lifespan of your roof. The right roof for a residential property may not be the same as the one for a commercial building. Flat roofs and sloped roofs have their own advantages and disadvantages as well, and must be chosen carefully.

Additionally, hiring professional roofing contractors to recommend materials, do the installation, and ensure it’s good to go will make a huge difference. Choose your roof, and your roofing contractor, wisely.

Regular maintenance

Caring for your roof will add decades to its lifespan, easily.

Cleaning your gutters, removing leaves, and cutting down hanging tree branches will save you future headaches when you aren’t dealing with water damage and holes from fallen branches.

Make sure to inspect your roof regularly as well, and notice any abnormalities, holes, spots, stains, or damage that may have happened regardless of your everyday care.

Finally, bring in a professional roofer two times a year to do an inspection themselves. Experts will catch things you may have missed and been able to recommend a proper course of action.

Small repairs cost less than roof replacements

If your roofers do recommend a repair, listen to them. A small repair will never cost as much as a roof replacement, and you’ll add years to your roof at little additional cost to yourself.

Bring In The Experts

Our specialists at Yoder’s Roofing can make sure your roof lasts you decades. We provide everything from initial installation, to inspections and maintenance, to repairs, and even replacements when you need them.