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Rapid Roof III® - Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coating

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Rapid Roof III has an impressive performance record dating back to 1977. It provides excellent protection against the elements, remains flexible to withstand building movement, and reduces cooling costs for significant energy savings. In fact, a reflective, ENERGY STAR-rated Rapid Roof coating delivers such substantial savings on heating and cooling bills that many building owners see a complete return on investment within the warranty period!

Benchmark is formulated for use with the following Conklin Roofing Systems:


Rapid Roof III® - For Easy Application, Superior Protection

Rapid Roof III® easily applied over any approved new or retrofit roof deck, including metal, spray polyurethane foam, plywood, approved isocyanurate insulation board (ISO), approved oriented strand board (OSB), asphalt built-up roofing and approved single-ply membranes.

Testing and Approvals

Conklin is a member of National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA), a division of the American Plastic Council, the EPA Energy Star® program and the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). Our products meet or esceed the standards set by these organizations.
Energy Star Program Conklin is a charger member of the Energy Star Program. Rapid Roof III meets the criteria established by EPA/DOE for energy efficiency and reflectivity.
CRRC Rated ProductRapid Roof III meets the requirements of reflectivity and emissivity for inclusion in the CRRC program.


UL-790 Class A Fire RatingRapid Roof III has achieved a UL-790 "Class A" fire Rating, is approved in Florida State approval 7033, and mees the requirments of California's Title 24 building energy code.
Conklins Highly Reflective Roof System Conklin's highly reflective roof systems have been providing quality solutions to the roofing market since 1977.


303% (base and top coats combined) | ASTM D-412
Tensil Strength:
232 psi (base and top coats combined) | ASTM D-412
1/8" Mandrel Bend at -40 F | ASTM D-1737
Fire Rating *:
UL-790 Class "A", combustible and non-combustible decks
Standard Test Method for acrylic coatings used in roofing:
Pass | ASTM D-6083-97
Solar Reflectivty:
85% | ASTM E-903
Base Coat Thickness:
13.0 dry mils
Top Coat Thickness:
12.0 dry mils
Drying Time:
2-8 hours (depending on humidity, temperature, UV exposure and wind)*
* Refer to Underwriters Laboratories Roofing Materials and Systems directory for specific fire resistance assemblies or contact Conklin Roofing Systems.

Top Coat Colors Offer Energy-Efficient Technology

Rapid Roof III top coat is available in standard white, light tan, and light gray. Rapid Roof III's top coat colors utilize "cool pigment" technology so that they meet ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.

Optional Warranty Program

Our optional warranty programs offer both limited material and manufacturer-backed labor and material warranties. Contact Yoder's Roofing Service for more information.

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